GRE Verbal Reasoning – Text Completion sample practice Test

ETS GRE verbal reasoning section consist of Questions based on Text completion. Primarily these questions can further be loosely sub divided into different categories. In this section we will be covering different Tests related to text completion.

Exercise 1 – Fill in the blanks in the following sentences by selecting the most appropriate alternative from the given choices.
Q 1 – I saw a …… of Sheep grazing the field.
  • herd
  • bulk
  • pack
  • flock

Q 2 – The greater is the size the more does it cost, because the price …… on size. ?
  • rests
  • counts
  • depends
  • reckons
  • dwels

Q 3 – Quinine acts as a preventive ….. Malaria.
  • from
  • against
  • to
  • in
  • for

Q 4 – He is going to remain here ….. you come.
  • till
  • before
  • after
  • as long as
  • unless

Q 5 – The merchant cannot part ….. his wealth.
  • off
  • from
  • with
  • away
  • of

Q 6 – If only I had seen the red light, I ….. have stopped ?
  • should
  • could
  • would
  • might
  • must

Q 7 – We were fatigued for …… a long distance.
  • having walked
  • walking
  • our walking
  • our having walked
  • my walking

Q 8 – As my teacher did not talk to me, I thought he was angry …. me.
  • on
  • at
  • upon
  • with
  • over

Q 9 – The greater is the size the more does it cost, because the price …… on size. ?
  • rests
  • counts
  • depends
  • reckons
  • dwels

Exercise 2 GRE Verbal Reasoning

Directions – The selected words and phrases of the following prose passages are underlined. For each underlined part , four alternative words and phrases are given. pick up the best alternative otherwise pick-up No change.

They go onto (1) a narrow entry hall, pungent with kitchen smells, continue (2) through the living room with its green velvet couches and sculptured (3) cupboards where there hung (4) a distinct aroma of smoke and presently (5) they arrived at an isolated room in the back (6) where the stench of smoke was more pronounced (7).

  1. (A) go through (B) went through (C) passed through (D) NO CHANGE
  2. (A) continues (B) will continue (C) continued (D) NO CHANGE
  3. (A) inscribed (B) carved (C) prescribed (D) NO CHANGE
  4. (A) hanged (B) hang (C) hangs (D) NO CHANGE
  5. (A) recently (B) momentarily (C) then (D) NO CHANGE
  6. (A) hind (B) back-side (C) rear (D) NO CHANGE
  7. (A) prominent (B) prevalent (C) important (D) NO CHANGE

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