Statement Argument Reasoning Questions

Directions for Reasoning Questions on Statement Argument – Each Question will have one statement followed by two arguments. You have to decide which is a strong argument and which is weak argument. Choose the answer from below options.

A) If only argument 1 is strong

B) If only argument 2 is strong

C) If either 1 or 2 is strong

D) If neither 1 nor 2 is strong

E) If both 1 and 2 are strong

Q 1 – Statement : Should agriculture in rural India be mechanized ?

Argument – 1. Yes, it would lead to higher production. 2. No, many villagers would be left unemployed.

Q 2 – Statement – Should new industries be set up in Detroit ?

Argument – 1. Yes, it will create job opportunities 2. No, it will further add to the pollution of the city.

Q 3 – Statement: Should luxury hotels be banned in Africa ?

Argument : 1. Yes, they are places from where International criminals operate. 2. No, affluent foreign tourists will have no place to stay.

Q 4 – Statement – Should all the infrastructural development projects in South East Asia be handed over to private sector ?

Arguments – 1. No, The private sector entities are not equipped to handle such projects. 2. Yes, such projects are handled by private sector in developed nations.

Q 5- Statement – Should the oil companies be allowed to fix the price of petroleum products depending on market conditions ?

Arguments – 1. Yes, this is the only way to make them commercially viable. 2. No, this will put additional burden on the retail prices of essential commodities and will cause a lot of hardships to the masses.

Q 6 – Statement – Should Japan become a permanent member of UN’s security council ?

Arguments 1. Yes, Japan has emerged as a country which loves peace and amity. 2. No, Let Japan first resolve nuclear radiation issues of the past.

Q 7 – Statement – Should the persons below the age of 18 years be allowed to join armed forces ?

Argument – 1. No, Persons below the age of 18 do not attain both physical and mental maturity to shoulder such burden. 2. Yes, this will help the country develop its armed forces which will serve the country for a long time.

Q 8 – Statement – Should we scrap the “Public distribution system” in India ?

Argument – 1. Yes, protectionism is over, everyone must get the bread on his/her own. 2. Yes, the poor do not get any benefit because of corruption.

Q 9 – Statement – Should the education at all level be offered only in vernacular medium ?

Arguments – 1. Yes, this is the only way to enhance performance of the students. 2. No, this will severely affect acquiring knowledge for want of good text books in vernacular medium.

Q 10. Statement – Should there be reservation in government jobs for candidates from single child family ?

Arguments – 1. No, this is not advisable as the jobs should be offered to only deserving candidates without any reservation for a particular group. 2. Yes, this will help reduce the growing population in China as the parents will be encouraged to adopt single child norms.

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