Sentence Correction MCQ Passage

Verbal Ability sentence correction MCQ is an integral part of CAT exams and GRE preparation and other College Entrance examination. In this section, we will have a Passage with blanks and you have to complete Sentence correction by selecting correct words from the Multiple choices (MCQ) given for each question.

We have divided sentence correction into 4 types, in this page we will be covering Type-2. For other types please refer respective links.

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2 (Sentence Correction passage)
  3. Type 3
  4. Type 4
Type 2 Sentence Correction MCQ passage –

In these question, a passage with many blank numbered spaces is given. In case of all the spaces some phrases for filling up are suggested. The candidate is required to pick correct choice for each sentence among all MCQ..

Passage 1 – Books are the _____(1)______ most _____(2)_____ product of human efforts. temples ___(3)____ to ruin,pictures and statues _____4_____ ; but books ____(5)____. Time is of _____(6)_____ with great thoughts which are fresh today ___(7)____ when they first ___(8)___through their author’s minds ages ago. ___(9)___ was then thought and said, still speaks to us as ___(10)___ as ever from ____(11)____ printed page. The only effect of time ____(12)___ to sift and winnow out of the bad products,for nothing in literature can ___(13)___ survive which is not really good. books introduce us ___(14)___ the presence of greatest minds that ____(15)___ really alive. We sympathize with them, enjoy ___(16)___ them , grieve with them. Their experience becomes ours, and we feel as if we were actors with them in the scenes which they describe.

  1. (A) decidedly (B) definitely (C) by far (D) certainly
  2. (A) lasting (B) everlasting (C) temporary (D) permanent
  3. (A) break down (B) fall (C) broken (D) crumble
  4. (A) die (B) decay (C) fade (D) disappear
  5. (A) live (B) survive (C) last (D) are born
  6. (A) no account (B) no value (C) no importance (D) no significance
  7. (A) such (B) that (C) as (D) so
  8. (A) run (B) penetrate (C) pass (D) see
  9. (A) as (B) that (C) such (D) what
  10. (A) clearly (B) vividly (C) graphically (D) manifestly
  11. (A) the (B) a (C) an (D) no word
  12. (A) is (B) had been (C) has been (D) has
  13. (A) ever (B) never (C) long (D) No word
  14. (A) to (B) into (C) with (D) of
  15. (A) are (B) have been (C) were (D) had been
  16. (A) with (B) themselves (C) of (D) no word

Answer key – 1 (D) , 2 (A), 3 (D), 4 (C), 5 (C), 6 (B) , 7 (C) , 8 (C) , 9 (D), 10 (A), 11 (A), 12 (C), 13 (A), 14 (A), 15 (C) 16 (A)