Sentence Correction MCQ – Verbal Ability

This topic will cover Sentence correction MCQ , which is an integral part of CAT exams and GRE preparation and other College Entrance examination. In this section we will be solving Multiple choice questions (MCQ) related to Error in Sentence or sentence correction. Each sentence will be provided four options. You have to find out which is correct sentence.

We have divided sentence correction in four Type. Type 1 is being covered in this page. For different types of sentence correction, please refer to respective link.

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2
  3. Type 3
  4. Type 4

Type 1 Sentence correction MCQ –

Directions for Sentence correction MCQ Q 1-10 – Four parts of each sentence are given in A,B,C and D. These are in sequence. Point out which part is NOT acceptable in standard English.

  1. (A) His all daughters (B) are ugly (C) so they (D) can not be married.
  2. (A) They appointed (B) him as manager (C) as he is (D) efficient.
  3. (A) John has set up (B) another school (C) with a view to (D) compete against him.
  4. (A) We are three (B) but you have ordered (C) only for (D) two drinks.
  5. (A) The reason (B) of his failure (C) is due to (D) his negligence.
  6. (A) I paid (B) the price of (C) this car (D) by cash.
  7. (A) General is one (B) of the ten army officers (C) who held (D) his own flag
  8. (A) He suggested (B) that I should (C) see him (D) in his letter.
  9. (A) Due to me being (B) a new comer (C) I am unable (D) to get a house
  10. (A) Walking across (B) the field (C) of his voice (D) a dead bull.
  11. (A) I am hardly pressed (B) for time (C) I cannot (D) accompany you.
  12. (A) Unless you (B) do not walk fast (C) you cannot reach (D) the station in time.
  13. (A) He exclaimed (B) with wonder (C) how charming (D) the view is.
  14. (A) You ill-informed (B) I am neither (C) a poet (D) nor philosopher
  15. (A) Until you (B) remain restless (C) you cannot (D) concentrate.
  16. (A) They (B) will run (C) after (D) half an error (E) No Error.
  17. (A) The latest chapter (B) of this book (C) is carelessly (D) written (E) No Error.
  18. (A) Of Gold (B) and Iron (C) the last (D) is more useful (E) No Error.
  19. (A) The more (B) he has (C) the more (D) he desires (E) No Error.
  20. (A) This girl (B) is grazing a (C) flock of sheep (C) in the field (E) No Error.
  21. (A) These students (B) are (C) very weak (D) in mathematics (E) No Error.
  22. (A) He knows (B) many languages (C) but his speech (D) is inferior than his written book (E) No error
  23. (A) I do not know (B) what (C) politics today (D) means (E) No Error.
  24. (A) They are (B) four brothers but (C) neither of them (D) are reliable (E) No error.
  25. (A) He reached (B) the station (C) before (D) the train arrived (E) No Error.

Sentence Correction MCQ Answer Key 1. (A) , 2 (B), 3 (D), 4 (C), 5 (C) , 6 (D) , 7 (A), 8(D), 9 (A), 10(C) ,11 (A), 12 (B), 13 (D), 14 (D), 15 (B), 16 (E), 17 (A) ,18 (C) ,19 (E), 20 (C), 21 (E), 22 (D), 23 (D), 24 (C), 25 (A)

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