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In This section we will solve Questions related to English Comprehension or Passage. Each Passage will be followed by set of Multiple choice questions. Read the instructions carefully and answer the question that follows each Comprehension.

Comprehension or Passage Reading forms the integral part of any College Admission, TOEFL, SAT score , GRE or CAT , as it determines candidate’s ability to grasp the meaning of certain article or document in quick turnaround.

Also listed below is Test series based on Comprehension or Passage.

Comprehension Test series 2

Passage 1

“English language with its great literally heritage” wrote late Jawahar Lal nehru, “has to play a constructive role in the great task of the build up of free India.” It is no longer a language of particular people or country. English can aptly be called a global “Lingua franca”. Nehru was perfectly justified in making this observation. English is no longer the language of the English. It is as much as American’s , a Canadian’s , an Indian’s as an English man’s. It is one of the richest languages of the world. In the beauty of phrase, in its capacity of giving expression to delicate shades of meaning, it commands superiority over most of the languages of the world. It has largely become the language of science , commerce, trade and international negotiations.

Despite these facts, it is indeed an irony that there set in a reaction against it in India after the achievement of Independence. Most Indians clamored for its being substituted by Indian languages. They further asserted that its continuance would further breed slavish mentality.

The sentiments of the critics of English are understandable. But loving one’s own language should not lead us to hate other languages. The contribution which English has made to India should always be kept in mind. It is true that its introduction in India by Macaulay was done with an ulterior motive. but it came as blessing in disguise. It was through the medium of English that Indians came to study the liberal through of England which in a large measure roused them to raise their demands of freedom.

Not only this, English served as a uniting and unifying factor in Indian National life. It made it possible for leaders in different parts of India to communicate with one another and understand one another. Again, some of the religious and spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda and Ram Tirth exalted and glorified India’s name and fame in distant countries like America and Canada by virtue of their command over the English Language

Comprehension Question –

Q 1- English language has ?

  • great literary heritage
  • great popularity
  • good capacity of expression
  • created good impression all over the world
  • been a language of the privileged classes of the world

Q 2- English today is ?

  • a language of English People
  • a language used by educated people only
  • a language of the world
  • a language of trade and commerce
  • a language of civilized gentry

Q 3- English commands superiority over other languages of the world because ?

  • It is the richest language of the world
  • It has the capacity to express delicate shades of meaning
  • It is spoken and written by a large population of the world
  • The number of countries using the language is greater than any other language
  • The Britishers whose mother tongue is English ruled over almost half the world

Q 4- The language of Science is ?

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Lingua Franca
  • Canadian

Q 5- In India reaction against English arose ..

  • after independence of the country
  • after the partition of the country
  • after India became republic
  • after the death of Mahatama Gandhi
  • after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru

Q 6- What did the people clamour for ?

  • about popularity of English
  • about large number of Indians using English in their daily life
  • about difficulties being experienced by students in learning English
  • English being substituted by Indian languages
  • continuance of English in the country

Q 7- Who introduced English in India ?

  • Thomas carlyle
  • Wilson Jones
  • Lord Macaulay
  • Warren Hastings
  • Rudyard Kipling

Q 8- One of the greatest blessings of English to India is ?

  • With help of English India has entered into international trade.
  • That it has made study of liberal thought of England possible for Indians.
  • that the knowledge of rich literature has been easy
  • that the feeling of international brother-hood arose in Indian hearts.
  • that Indian students are going abroad for higher studies

Q 9- Swami Vivekananda glorified India’s name in countries like America. It was mainly due to

  • His knowledge about the religion
  • His knowledge about spiritualism
  • His command over English language
  • His contribution in giving a new thought to the people about religion
  • His contacts with religious-minded people of the world

Q 10- Leaders of the country have been benefited by English because .. ?

  • of their differences with Britishers for freedom of the country
  • of their forefathers enjoying privileges from the Britishers.
  • of their visits to foreign countries for higher studies
  • of indifferent attitude of the English towards Indians.
  • of English serving as a unifying factor in Indian national life

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