Jumble Sentences Rearrangement

This section consist of MCQ Verbal ability Jumble sentences. Multiple sentences are written in a random way. You have to arrange jumble sentences into a meaningful paragraph by rearranging them.

Jumble sentences rearrangement is a popular topic among all entrance exam. Regular practice should help you achieve a good CAT, GRE and TOEFL Test score

Q 1. Arrange the following Jumble sentences –

  1. People want that racialism should be wiped out.
  2. Our principles are different from our profession.
  3. He will propagate his message
  4. His words will be accepted by the following generations.
  5. People should adopt it .

Options – (A) 52314 (B) 12345 (C) 41523 (D)42531

Q 2- Arrange the following sentences in a meaningful paragraph.

  1. It has been so from time immemorial.
  2. It is necessary to have a library
  3. Library is a centre of learning
  4. The selected books should enchant us
  5. our teachers had their libraries

Options – (A) 42513 (B) 31524 (C) 12345 (D) 23145

Q 3- Arrange following sentences into meaningful paragraph.

  1. Such a religion can lead us.
  2. Swami practiced a religion.
  3. He was able to communicate with god.
  4. It was the religion of experience.

Options – (A) 1234 (B) 4231 (C) 2431 (D) 2143

Q 4 – Arrange the following sentences into meaningful paragraph.

  1. If they are dissatisfied, they have a cause to complain.
  2. Rather they are an embodiment of patience.
  3. Teachers ought to set an example.
  4. Yet they should exercise restraint
  5. Patience is one of the greatest virtues

Options – (A) 32145 (B) 54321 (C) 12345 (D) 31425

Q 5 – Rearrange following sentences to make a meaningful paragraph.

  1. It dislodged the green spectacles from Denton’s nose, and for a moment his eyes were exposed.
  2. To Oliver it was fun, but Denton evidently did not relish it.
  3. He replaced them hurriedly, but not in time. Oliver’s sharp eyes detected him.
  4. The road was a bad one, jolting the vehicle without mercy.
  5. At last one jolt came, nearly overturning the conveyance.

Options – (A) 42531 (B) 34521 (C) 42513 (D) 54213

Q 6 – Directions as above for rearranging sentences.

  1. The explanation of Mr Johnson’s letter is briefly this.
  2. If pushed to extremity he would turn against Johnson, and make public the conspiracy in which he had joined, together with Johnson’s motive in imprisoning his wife.
  3. He had had an interview with Dr Joy, in which he had so severely censured the doctor that the latter finally became angry and defiant, and intimated.
  4. His visit South had done no good.

Options – (A) 1342 (B) 2431 (C) 4321 (D) 1432

Q 7- Rearrange the below sentences to form a meaningful paragraph.

  1. With the passage of  time, vices become more apparent and virtues become objects of  jealousy and envy, thereby causing contempt and hatred in the hearts of each  other.
  2. They become familiar with not only strengths but also weaknesses of each other’s characters.
  3. Generally people think that familiarity should breed love, mutual understanding and tolerance.
  4. They expect that coming together of two persons should bring them closer and forge the bond of kinship between them. 
  5. But when two persons come closer, they come to know not only strengths but also weaknesses of each other’s character. 

Options – (A) 24135 (B)34521 (C) 32154 (D) 23415

Q 8 Rearrange the following sentence into meaningful paragraph

  1. In his literacy work he spoke of that province of human life which mere intellect does not speak.
  2. He has also given innocent joy to many children by his stories like ‘Kabuliwalah’
  3. These songs are sung not only in bengal but all over the country.
  4. Rabindranath’s great works sprang from intensity of vision and feelings.
  5. He sang of beauty and heroism, nobility and charm.

Options – (A) 21543 (B) 34521 (C) 41253 (D) 32514

Q 9 Rearrange the following sentence into meaningful paragraph

  1. To much of the labour movement, it symbolizes the brutality of the upper classes.
  2. And to everybody watching, the current mess over foxhunting, symbolizes the government’s weakness.
  3. To foxhunting supporters, Labour’s 1991 manifesto commitment to ban it symbolizes the party’s metropolitan roots and hostility to the countryside.
  4. Small issues sometimes have large symbolic power
  5. To those who enjoy thundering across the country-side in red coats after foxes, foxhunting symbolizes the ancient roots of rural lives.

Options – (A) 45132 (B) 53421 (C) 35124 (D) 42153

Q 10 Rearrange the following Jumble sentences into meaningful paragraph

  1. In case of King Merolchazzar’s courtship of the princess of the outer isles, there occurs a regrettable hitch.
  2. She acknowledges the gifts, but no word of meeting a date follows.
  3. The monarchs, hearing good reports of a neighbouring princess, dispatches messengers with gifts to her court, beseeching an interview.
  4. The princess names a date, and a formal meeting takes place; after that everything buzzes along pretty smoothly.
  5. Royal love affairs in older days were conducted on the correspondence method.

Options – (A) 13245 (B) 12345 (C) 53412 (D) 53214

Passage Completion Jumble sentences

Directions for solving Questions – In this section the sentences in the middle of a passage have been removed. You are provided with the beginning and the end of the passage and other sentences in a jumbled order. Choose the correct order that will make the passage complete and coherent.

Q 1 . There is one important aspect of food problem.


Some of these steps are necessary.

Jumbled sentences –

  1. Multiplicity of courses at meals is out of place
  2. This implies maximum economy in its use
  3. Hotels should exercise restraint
  4. Waste should be avoided.

Options – (A) 1234 (B) 2314 (C) 4213 (D) 4231

Q 2 . Some people seem to have a compulsive need to work continuously: they may be called “work-addicts”.


For they make excellent salesman, they would be terrible managing directors.

Jumble sentences –

  1. However they never quite reach the top.
  2. There are companies which expect everyone to be at work early and stay back late.
  3. Because of their diligence they tend to get rapid promotions at first.
  4. Work addicts generally end up in such organisations.

Options – (A) 4213 (B) 1342 (C) 3124 (D) 2431

Q 3 . India lead the battle of freedom against imperialism.


Some countries are still slaves.

Jumble sentences –

  1. That technique bought success
  2. We championed the cause of other countries
  3. We fought it with a special technique.
  4. We are happy that they achieved freedom.

Options – (A) 3124 (B) 1243 (C) 4213 (D) 1234

Q 4 . Mahatma Gandhi had a way of life.


That will be our homage to Mahatma Gandhi.

Jumble sentences –

  1. He did not believe in theoretical ideology.
  2. His principles mainly lay in action.
  3. So we must keep them.
  4. He gave much that suits our tradition.

Options – (A) 1243 (B) 4213 (C) 1423 (D) 2143

Q 5 . It is our policy that the regional language should prosper.


India’s unity lies in diversity.

Jumbled sentences –

  1. Rather they should be medium of instruction.
  2. They would never be replaced by some other language.
  3. Such an arrangement would give diversity.
  4. The official language should be regional language.

Options – (A) 4213 (B) 1234 (C) 2143 (D) 3142

Q 6 . There is a kind of war hysteria in India.


Being democratic we have the right to discuss.

Jumbled sentences –

  1. We are sure to feel upset.
  2. In fact these are discussions and not protests.
  3. Why should others accuse us of protesting.
  4. There has been aggression on our country.

Options – (A) 2134 (B) 1234 (C) 4132 (D) 3412

Q 7 . Corruption is a difficult and delicate task.


This is possible if we are men of integrity having honesty of purpose.

Jumbled sentences –

  1. It is difficult to prove the charge.
  2. Those conventions must be respected.
  3. The law is not effective in dealing with it .
  4. So some conventions will have to be built up.

Options – (A) 4213 (B) 3142 (C) 1423 (D) 3421

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