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This post will lay down Synonyms of different words. This post will help in building your English Vocabulary along with judgement to select best option or nearest possible answer to given Question. Synonyms exercise are the most important factor in ETS GRE, CAT and TOEFL exams. Synonyms Quiz is given at the end to improve Test score.

We have listed down few commonly used words along with their Synonyms meaning followed by Exercise to test your Vocabulary.

Synonyms Example

Word Common Synonym
Meticulous Precise, Scuplous,careful about detail
Modicum Small quantity of work, minimum
Motley mixture of different things, assorted, heterogeneous
Mundane Wordly, Earthly
Nebulous Hazy, vague,confused
Noxious Harmful, dangerous, poisonous
Obsequious Enslaved, Servile
Odorigerous Bad smell , fragrant odor
Omnipotent Having all power, almighty
Onerous Burdensome, difficult,irksome
Palatable Pleasing to taste, Agreeable
Pallid Colourless, pale
Paramount Supreme, eminent, most important
Pathos A feeling of sadness, pity, sorrow
Perverse Contrary, stubborn
Pillage To plunder, loot, robber
Placate To soothe, make peaceful
Preclude To prevent, make impossible
Preposterous Unbelievable, nonsense
Procrastinate To delay, defer
Progeny Offspring, descendants
Propitious Favourable, pleasing
Putative Commonly regarded, supposed
Querulous fretful, touchy
Quiescent Still, resting, serene
Quixotic Imaginary, Not practical
Rancour Spite, Hatred, malice
Raucous Hoarse, harsh, loud
Repungnant hostile, distasteful
Rife Common, widespread,abundant
Sagacious Shrewd, astute
Scurrilous Joking coarsely, abusive, vulgar
Sedulous Diligent, Industrious
Sententious Meaningful
Shambles Disaster, havoc, in bad condition

Synonyms Test series 2 can be refer here

Synonyms Test series 1

Q 1- Barbarian
  • Unkind
  • Uncivilized
  • Cruel
  • Savage

Q 2- Bemoan
  • Ignore
  • Impeach
  • Loathe
  • Lament

Q 3- Connoisseure
  • Crisis
  • Ignore
  • Art lover
  • Bargain

Q 4- Ambition
  • Objective
  • Planning
  • Desire
  • Worthy

Q 5 – Tainted
  • Spoiled
  • Corrupt
  • Convicted
  • Criminal

Q 6- Conceal
  • Hide
  • Agree
  • Admit
  • Reveal

Q 7- Impasse
  • Hurdle
  • Obstruction
  • Limit
  • Stalemate

Q 8- Scuttle
  • Anarchy
  • Evidence
  • Destroy
  • Venture

Q 9- Spurred
  • Prompted
  • Influenced
  • Agitated
  • Rescue

Q 10- Mendacity
  • Insolence
  • Posting
  • Susceptibility
  • Untruthfulness

Q 11- Replenish
  • Reinstate
  • Restore
  • Refill
  • Resume

Q 12- Find Synonym of Repercussion
  • Opportunity
  • Stigma
  • Susceptibility
  • Reaction

Q 13- Ponderous
  • Difficult
  • Bulky
  • Stiff
  • Revealing

Q 14- Nascent
  • Incipient
  • Treacherous
  • Imagine
  • Divine

Q 15- Mundane
  • Vivid
  • Confused
  • Wordly
  • Average

Q 16- Abundant Synonym
  • Plentiful
  • Scarcity
  • Rarity
  • Ample

Q 17- Chaos Synonym
  • Peace
  • War
  • Disorder
  • Disruption

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